Strong Tower Ranch

Saddle Up Your Mission Team!

For our youth counselors and prospective counselors, please skip down a few paragraphs for details on your trip.

Strong Tower Ranch, A Western Adventure, is a Christian Day Camp reaching out to youth in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The Ranch is located in Wright City, Missouri, and offers the opportunity for those that may have never seen a horse, the chance to ride one. The Ranch is always looking for volunteers to assist the staff with providing quality, Christ-centered programs that are entertaining, character building, and rehabilitating.

“Strong Tower” reminds that we have a mighty fortress in Christ. They want children, teens and adults who come to the Ranch to find love and refuge from a harsh world. Their priority is to help those who are at risk or less fortunate.

They are non-denominational, non-profit and dependent on prayers, financial support and volunteer help.

Visit www.Strongtowerranch.org for more  information about the camp.